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  • Mr. Matthew Evans

    I am trying to print a summary PALMS report for July 10th, 2014, but the start date will NOT let me go beyond June. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The report dates will default to the previous completed 6 months.  There is a built in check that won't allow a "negative" date range, so in order to change the start date beyond June, first change the END date to July  :- )

    Hope this helps!


  • Mrs Ginny Konechny

    I am trying to find a total year to date for the TYFCB. It seems I can only run 6 months at a time. I have changed the dates to reflect a 12 mo nth eriod but the report sti will ony show 6 months. How can I find an accurate year to date (Jan 1- Dec 31  TYFCB


  • Jeremy Walsh

    Please make sure you are running the SUMMARY PALMS REPORT.  If you are running the "VP Report" that is limited to only six months...


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