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Speakers Report



  • Heather Gladden

    Question - I know that the member gets 1 or 2 notifications, but does the Secretary Treasure also get a copy? 

  • Ms. Gloria Webb, LUTCF

    the challenge is how to "add" speakers and the google steered me to the "operations" section!  this is from a person who is overcoming fear of any type of data was pretty user friendly. go for it secretary-treasurers!

  • Mr. Sid Leake

    I can't edit the speaker's list.  The speaker's shown for subsequent dates are incorrect.  I don't know how to edit the list to show the new line-up of speakers.  Please advise.


  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!  

    The place to edit the speakers (assuming you have the permission to do so) is by going to Operations>Chapter>Meeting Management>View\Edit Speakers.  Here is a guide for that function:

    One thing to note is that speakers can't be "shifted" by week. However, you can delete the speaker for a week and add a new one in its place.

    Hope this helps!

  • Theresa Grisanti

    Thanks Jeremy!  Just what I was looking for.

  • Ms. Josephine McCullough

    This functionality is NOT working.  When I select the Speaker Report, I get all of the info shown above this message, as opposed to access to the report data.


  • Mr Stephen Houghton

    Thanks Jeremy should work it out

  • Ms Eva Assoignon

    how do I enter 2 speakers for the same day?


  • Stephen Hand

    Is it possible to generate a speaker's history report? This would simplify the scheduling for incoming Secretary Treasurers. Thank you

  • Rose Lowry

    This information is no longer correct. It appears we can not see the speakers at other chapters.



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