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  • Mrs. Beth Buenger

    I tried to run this as the VP.  It would not let me choose just the current month.  I had to choose 2 months (from Aug 1 to Sept 30).  However, the president was able to run this as just the current month (Sept.)

  • Denise Toland

    Try changing the end date first.

  • Jan Wilson

    There seems to be some confusion in my chapter about what the TYFCB column actually contains. Some state that it is the amount of business you've given and few of us believe it is the amount you've been thanked for.

    After reviewing my submitted TYFCB, which clearly stated TYFCB Given and the running and looking at the PALMS report for myself and another member to whom I gave TYFCB, it seems that the PALMS report TYFCB column is the amount of $ the member has been thanked for, not what they have given others.

    Confirmation would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Jan Wilson

  • Mr Jean-Marc Robin

    Hi Jan Wilson,

    I'm a new member in BNI and a new VP and had this very question.  I was wondering if you had received confirmation on this? It is something that has been confusing me.



  • Jan Wilson

    Hi Jean-Narc,

    Unfortunately I have not received a response.

  • Mr Jean-Marc Robin

    Hi Jan

    So I actually spoke to my Chapter's director on the phone and your assumption is correct: the tyfcb that appears on the line beside a person's name is indeed the amount of business they have been thanked for.

    Hope that helps!


  • Mrs Jacqueline Lesley Wood


    I am still confused here with this one,

    I have given about 30k in business to one member of our chapter who has zero in their TYFCB or am I reading this totally the wrong way round and these figures will appear under my totals?

  • Mr. François Garon

    Trying to get a suspended chapter PALMS report and I get a blank page.

    Also looking to get a former member's stats from a dropped chapter, can't seem to find that.


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