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Membership Dues Report (MDR)



  • Ms. Frances Vitale

    Jeremy:  Where have my BNI chapter reports gone?  Please advise.  Thank you, Francie Vitale,

  • Jeremy Walsh


    I know this is going to seem crazy, but can you check something for me?

    In your browser, please adjust\make sure that your ZOOM settings are set to 100%. There is currently a known issue where if the zoom is set to something other than 100% (75%, 125%, etc) the secondary menu options disappear.

    If you would like a visual walk through on how to do this, you can find one here:

    If you are still experiencing the issue after following the steps, please do let me know and I will be happy to troubleshoot this with you further!

  • Mr Graham Greenhorn

    We are migrating from the old NZ BNI web site to BNI Connect. In the old site we had a report for members due to renew. It only showed those members due to renew from about 3 months out.

    After a long search I found where a similar report is in the BNI Connect web site (not an intuitive site), but this report just shows all chapter members, it is now up to the VP to sort out who is due and when.

    A step backward from the slick automated process we had before. Could you add something similar to BNI Connect please?

    Graham Greenhorn (VP BNI Howick - NZ)


  • Jeremy Walsh

    @graham - thank you for the feedback!  I have passed this along to the business analysts for further consideration.  If you would be willing to, please feel free to send a screenshot or copy of the old report to and I will send that information along as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Michael Cooper

    I would honestly say I had a tough time as a VP finding out the process to approve members for their renewal. Im good with tech and with new systems. I could never find anywhere to NOT approve a member as the main radio button on the page was a "pre approval" button...should there not be a button that stated "non approval"? I know we want to pre approve and not loose members but sometimes one has to let go.

    Also didn't realize that I had to check the box that said the "membership committee reviewed this member" and then select the approved conditionally. I would assume all VPs meet with membership committees before making these decisions. I had back and forth with the Canadian Director  ? Mgr and my direct Director and it was only by chance that I found out how to approve using this form properly when a conditional approval letter was sent. We thought it was a MAC/PC problem. I might suggest you change the layout an put a hint saying ( this must be checked to submit ).

    Please see my suggested revision to make the process a little clearer and intuitive to those who don't know the system well.



  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Michael - thank you so much for your suggestions!  I will certainly pass these along to the Business Analysts for consideration in a future release.  Love the JPG by the way, it made it much clearer!

  • Ms. Barbara Peters

    My Membership Dues Report is missing as of 4/1/16.  Any idea?  I ran it on 3/21/16 ot get a current list of members for our quarterly room fees and everything was working properly.  

  • Mr. Chad Jacobsen

    I have a member that has paid for a 2 year membership and it's showing him due for a 3/1/17 renewal and it should be a 3/1/18 renewal. Please contact me for details.


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