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PALMS Attendance Report



  • Mr Graham Greenhorn

    This report is not very good at all, it doesn't work properly. Ask for a 12 month report and get 6. Don't tell me the solution: I can guess ..... break your reports into 6 month batches and do a number of reports because we only allow for 6 months. Great way to use technology! Pen and paper next? 

    Charts and graphs - must be too difficult - export into Excel and create your own.

    Don't try extending the window that the report is shown in - because not all the fields expand together. The headings are fixed but the data expands with the window. About as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike.

    With what I would imagine are many hundreds of IT specialists, programmers, web page designers etc that must be BNI members  - is this web site the best we can do? The old NZ web site may not have had the same data, reporting and social media style connectivity, but overall, in usability, it was far superior!

  • Jeremy Walsh


    My name is Jeremy Walsh and I am the director of Support for BNI Connect.  We appreciate you taking the time to give us constructive feedback and your concerns have been added to our ever growing list so that they may be considered and prioritized for future development. 

    This particular report, believe it or not, is actually a "holdout" from a system that predates both BNI Connect AND the BNI Web system that you recently migrated from!  It was a report formatted 10+ years ago and brought over "as is" from that system when many of us first transitioned in 2011.  From a functionality standpoint, this particular report is good for 2 basic things - and that is to highlight absences and spot attendance TRENDS with members. Looking at just symbols in a calendar style view makes it easier to recognize when a person has a number of subs and absences in a row, they may be coming close to dropping their membership.  One of the reasons it is only 6 months, apart from the width display challenge, is that BNI traditionally works in 6 month segments - especially when it comes to attendance.

    As for your other concerns regarding differences in functionality, I would be glad to discuss those with you and hear your feedback.

    Recently we welcomed a new CEO and management team here at BNI HQ in the US. With this new corporate structuring and global leadership, we are currently in the midst of a comprehensive review of the entire existing technological infrastructure, including BNI Connect as it currently exists. Along with this review will be a detailed analysis of all requests and issues.

    Our top priority right now is the speed issue. Now that all countries have migrated to BNI Connect, we are able to look at it in a truly holistic way in both the short and long term. We have already begun analyzing and testing a number of different approaches and will keep your national director and his team updated on the progress.

    If there is anything I can do, especially by way of trying to help you better understand BNI Connect through training, demonstrations, recorded webinars or even scheduling a Skype or GoToMeeting 1 to 1, I would be happy to do so. Thank you for your patience and we all look forward to the anticipated changes that are still to come.

    Happy Connecting!

    Jeremy Walsh

    BNI Connect

    Director of Support, Training & Documentation

    (401) 465-6786 to reach me directly

    Skype: TRCJeremy




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