Accepting a Connection Request




  • Mr. Marc Silverman

    Every upgrade that lessens our number of "clicks" is cherished! I know there are plenty of new and planned features to reduce the overall "click-counts" precipitated by the deadline under which the original platform had to be released - it's great to watch as features are made more elegant in their execution. Keep up the great design and coding!

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Thanks Marc!  Those are very welcomed words of encouragement. I will make sure to pass them along to the team as well as the programmers  :- )

  • Mr. George Patte

    1/4/14  found this to be a good review

  • Dr. Kristi Diaz

    If you accidentally deleted a connection request, how can you retrieve it?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @kristi - you cannot retrieve it once deleted.  However they can send another one or if you remember who they are you can go and find them to request a connection from them  :- )

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