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Connecting With Another Member



  • Mrs. Melonie Holmes

    It would be great if you could connect to multiple members at once rather than having to add them one by one.

  • Mr Simon Clarke

    I agree withe Mel, this needs to be sorted

  • Ms. Linda Lewis

    When I search for a member to add to my connections, it lists their name, but there is no + beside it so I can add them. There are plus signs by the names of others that came up in the search. I reconfirmed that they are NOT currently a connection. I tried several times; same results - I can't add a connection.

  • Jeremy Walsh


    If there is no + sign next to a member, it means that you either are already connected to this person <OR> you have a pending invitation with them.  You can check your pending invitations and resend a reminder if that one is in there.

    Hope this helps!

  • Leslie Biagini-Salazar

    Hi Jeremy,

    I have had several instances where I have sent a connection request AND e-mailed from my own e-mail to let the member know I sent a connection request. They received my e-mail but not the connection request. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Riyaz


    When you send in a connection request, they will receive the invitation notice within BNIConnect and not as a separate email.

    It is good that you have sent an email separately, to prompt them to log in and to accept your connection request.

    We hope this helps.

  • Mr. Kenton Yohey

    Where can I go to search for and find all BNI Chapter in Indiana to invite people I know who would benefit from being in BNI to a Chapter that (with the information on the members) would not have someone already in the same profession as the guest I wanted to invite? 

    Thank you for your help, 

    Kenton Yohey a new member in the Capital Gains Chapter.

  • Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary


    There is  "Professions" and "Specialty" listed in every member's profile.

    When we go to "Chapter Visitor" report as explained at
    and select "Profession" dropdown it brings up list of professions

    Again if we check out
    Connecting With Another Member as explained here
    and select "Profession" dropdown it brings up list of professions

    However, these 2 "Profession" lists are different

    Can you explain 
    (a) Which is the list of "Profession" that shows up in front of a member name ? Is it again different from the above two ?

    (b) Where is the exhaustive list of "Specialty" as listed in profile ?

    (c) are these lists updated periodically ?









  • Mr. Heywood Hunt


  • Mr. Heywood Hunt

    Chesterfield, mo

  • Mr. Heywood Hunt

    Brett, Chesterfield, mo


    It would be beneficial to have a connection request option in the mobile app as well.


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