How Do I Delete A Connection?




  • Jodi Stammer

    I cannot view my connections. All I get is the animated bar showing it's loading. But it never loads. :(

  • Richard Jochim

    There are 3 members in our chapter that are no longer active.   Who is responsible to keep the membership list accurate?  At a personal level I would prefer to have the option to add or delete members I'd like under my connections and not be restricted from having the DELETE function for my connections.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Once the member has officially dropped from BNI (either after 181 days as an automatic function of the system or by your regional office upon processing the paperwork) they will be removed from connections.  Please contact your regional office as they will be able to update these records for you.  


    Note that you can remove connections that you have manually added at any time, however, connections to members of your chapter are handled by the system.


    Hope this helps! 

  • Scott Ackerman

    There is no delete choice when I go to the manage tab for me

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Scott - is the person you are trying to "delete" a fellow chapter member?  Please note that your chapter members are managed automatically by the system - when a new member is accepted to your group they will automatically become a connection and when they leave the group they will be automatically removed.  You cannot manually delete a chapter connection.

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