08-Get Connected - Stay Connected! Promote a Fellow Member




  • Mr John Morehead

    Do we have this functionality in BNI connect mobile?

  • Megan Harris

    I would be interested in that.

  • Denise Barnett


    this is a dead link- comes up with a 404 not-found error

  • Mr. Keith Besherse

    The chapter member I want to give a testimonial to has an incomplete profile. The only tabs are: Profile, Groups (none), Training.

    How do I give her the testimonial she so richly deserves?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Here you go - they recently updated the successnet site!



    Sorry about that!

  • Mr. Keith Besherse

    Is there a way to give a testimonial even though the BNI member (from another chapter) hasn’t yet accepted my connection request?

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