01-Get Connected - Stay Connected! Build Your Visibility




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    Mr. Bobby Williamon

    good details for managers moment!

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    Mr. Raymond DiCenzo

    Good stuff - keep it coming

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    Mr. Marc Richter

    Thank you Jeremy for all that you do for BNI and our Chapter members.

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    Mr Najmul Islam.

    Thanks Jeremy for sharing this. I have floated this video with all the members in my chapter.

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    Mr. Ray Hasto

    Jeremy, thank you for the direction. Clear and helpful.

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    Mr. Sanjay Kumar Ganasan

    Jeremy Thank you for the valid info. 

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    Mr. Mark Carey

    Nice to have so many resources available

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    Mr. Chris Thayer

    It's there supposed to be a video attached to this write-up?
    I don't see it.
    Perhaps it's only on computer access to BNI-connect and not via the mobile Bni-context?

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