Displaying a License Number or ID on your Profile




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    Mr. Aaron Burk

    Thanks! Done.

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    Mr Greg T Davies

    Thank you, done!

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    Mr. Tim Dumas

    Well needed!

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    Chris Barnard

    Done! Great idea.

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    Mr. Dubin Proctor

    Yea that's nice and all but you never said what industries need to display there license number?

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    Mrs. Jackie Fremin

    These kinds of regs are usually determined by the respective state governing Boards and so will vary. So it seems that we should reach check our own before posting.

    RN's in KS have always been expected to protect their license number to prevent fraud. I've been re-reading the Nurse Practice Act here to double check for changes but so far not finding anything. Won't be posting it unless I do, but will continue research and post if I find anything different so other KS RNs will know.

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    Ms. Bonnie Chung

     As a massage therapist, we are required by Hawaii law to add our license to any type of advertising.  I didn't think to do it here so am happy for the reminder.  The suggestion on how to enter on BNI was very helpful.  Mahlao, Bonnie

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    Dr. Anita Knopp


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    Mr. Sandi Goldring

    Well, this did make me review the current Georgia Physical Therapy Practice Act and Rules.  So in that way, I guess it was helpful.  The answer: GA PTs don't have to post license numbers.  They do have to display them on name tags in clinic.

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    Mr. Ira Rubinson


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    Mr. Russ Anderson

    Does anyone in New Jersey have a master list of these professions?  I'd rather position it to my chapter as "these are the professions that are affected" vs. "if you are affected, please act."

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