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  • René Jäger

    220296 pixels is NOT 221 Megapixels. These are only 0,221 Megapixels or 221 kilopixels (not a common usage).

  • Mw Tabitha Vermeulen

    Done that, but still my logo won't upload.

    Why is that? I'm working with an Apple device.

  • Ms. Cheryl Diamond

    Where do we find the BNI logo

  • Ms. Nancy Fox

    MW Tabitha Vermeulen - hi,  have you been able to upload your logo?  I cannot upload my logo either.  [I am using  a MAC.]

  • Mw Tabitha Vermeulen

    Ms. Nancy Fox - Hey there, My logo and photo are still not uploaded. I'm using a Mac as well. Probably that's the isue: Mac / Windows.

  • Ms. Christine Hansen

    It is a Mac/Apple OS issue! Copy your images to a thumb drive, go visit a friend that that has

    a PC using Windows 7 or Vista and ask to load from there. It works slick - just not on a Mac.

    To the best of my knowledge, a work-around has not been developed. I know it did not work

    on XP and I don't know if it works on Windows 8. Good Luck!

  • Mr. Larry Davis

    That's completely unacceptable in this day and age - the file upload code should not care weather it is coming from a Mac or PC - as long as the extension is correct! 

    I have tried all three formats .png, .jpg, and .gif  - still the logo will not upload.

  • Mr. Peter Watson

    Although I'm dedicated mac user and a website writer, I'm finding the process of uploading my file to the BNI website to be counterintuitive. I have tried the usual formats that Photoshop 5.5  uses when you Save or Save As, and these formats are jpg.  I suggest the site needs some easy to understand UX copy. I would appreciate something to the effect of "Please allow 24 hrs for your photo to be processed by our programmers". Or, Simply Drag and Drop your 5 mg. jpg or png file onto this box. Your photo should appear in 24 hours. If it does not, check file size or contact administrator at xxxxxxxx."

  • Ms. Vicki Larsen

    I'm not able to put in my picture or my logo.  When I click on the search button, my computer options come up but only the cancel button is lit up, so I can't open a picture.  I have a Mac, is that the problem?

  • Mr. Richard Shoaf

    Interesting that I can get my profile image to upload and not our logo - same file type and rejects saying "JPEG" not accepted then used PNG file which also shows acceptable and no joy there either. 

    it works with the profile image just not the logo file upload.  help?

  • Sr. Xisco Kamal

    Imposible to upload my logo, I have tried with all formats and sizes, in PC and MAC. Could you check if there is a problem and fix it ? Thanks


  • Mr. Mark Wolff

    When will the Mac OS issue be fixed?  Too many people utilize Apple products in business to neglect this segment of the market.  In this professional organization, "copy it to a thumb drive and give it to a friend who has a PC to upload for you" or "use Google Chrome as your browser" should not be the standard response to browser integration.


    Any administrators, please consider addressing this issue quickly for our sakes.

  • Mr. Peter Watson

    I think this Comments thread feels completely unattended--zero replies from anyone denoted as an Administrator.  While people have varying levels of competency in terms of technology, the topics here clearly indicate that the photo/logo issue is commonly found to be difficult. The instructions are possibly unintuitive. Perhaps BNI could hire a professional temp to assist members with loading? i suggest an FTP where members could simply drop their images and a pro could then handle conversion and sizing.  Macs are in common global usage ( As a web copywriter, I'm all-Apple myself) and can't be ignored.  The digital face of "Business Networking International" seems curiously out of sync with the contemporary demands of international business.

  • Rose Lowry

    It is mind boggling that this problem is not fixed.  The Help Section is written in such a convoluted way, and avoids any mention of the actual problems people are experiencing.

    There are thousands of sites like this with users who upload profile pictures, etc -- it is not new or difficult technology.  

  • Judy Layman

    Well, I too am trying to upload a photo and logo from my MAC .... the last post I see was Oct. 31, 3013..... Has this uploading issue been fixed yet? 

  • Mr. Larry Davis

    I have worked on all ends of the graphics and web graphics spectrum - I can not believe that a simple .png logo or .jpg for that matter can not be uploaded to the profiles just because it originates on a MAC.

    For this thread to go on for this long without a solution  -



  • Riyaz

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions on this topic.

    Yes, this issue is being addressed and a fix/plug-in will be incorporated with the next upgrade circa early April together with some other minor bug fixes in various other aspects in the system.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused, however for now, for any users who still have an issue with this, you are welcomed to submit a ticket with your profile pictures and company logos attached to us at Support and we will be happy to upload for you. You may send your emails to: ticket@bniconnect.com

    We hope this helps.

  • Ms. Deborah Welsh

    I cannot upload my photo or logo and it's the end of April. Yes, I'm on a Mac.

  • Riyaz

    Hi Deborah,

    The release will take place on Monday, April 28, 2014, and this is part of the fix.

    Just a few more days! Thank you for your patience and we look forward to this fix.

    On BNIConnect, a message is already out that the system will be offline on Monday, April 28 from 7am to 5pm GMT for the upgrade to take place.

    We hope this helps.

  • Mrs Kathleen Grassi

    I have uploaded my logo - but where does it appear for others to see?  Its not on my home page. 

  • Riyaz

    Hi Kathleen,

    When you update your profile, it will show in your regional website.

    So, in your regional website, http://bniwa.com.au/index.php, when someone found your profile, it will look like:


    Looks good!

    Hope this helps.

  • Mrs. Kristen Brumbaugh

    When I upload my logo (from a Mac), it does not show up.  It only pops up as a small square with a broken landscape image (like when you load an image, but it doesn't want to load). Any suggestions? It's under the 5mb limit and is a jpg.

  • Riyaz

    Hi Kristen,

    Let us help you - can you raise a support ticket, with your logo file attached to ticket@bniconnect.com

    We will be happy to assist you to upload, to save you time.

  • Mrs. Kristen Brumbaugh

    Done! Thank you.

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