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[eGUIDE] How to SIZE and ReSIZE an IMAGE



  • Ms. Christine Hansen

    Unfortunately this does nothing to assist the person who has NO computer skills!  What would be more helpful is to say:

    "The ideal size is: X pixels WIDE and Y pixels TALL/HIGH" with a file size no larger than 5MG.  And show this statement right next to the upload photo prompt where the User does not have to dig for "Help".

    Because sizing in most graphics/image  programs shows width first, it is very confusing because the image for BNI Connect needs to be in a vertical, RECTANGULAR, portrait format to be most pleasing. This is the only way that the image does not come out looking like it ran through the House of Horror Mirrors at the carnival!  By even giving an example in MS Paint it completely confuses those who hardly know how to use MS Word! By giving a non-technical parameter the member can use their kids, neighbors, etc. to re-size their photo. We do not need to educate members on photo imaging and manipulation, we need to refer them to folks who can do the right job! A total maximum size does not set them up for success.  Look to FaceBook for an easy to understand parameter. Yes, there is a maximum size, however it also gives WIDTH & TALL/HIGH parameters for profile, banner pics, etc.).  Also, this page needs to be very clear that this function (photos/logos) does not work from a Mac, of any kind or vintage. And most Mac users wouldn't think to degrade their computers by adding a Windows emulator... I certainly wouldn't. (It doesn't work from all Windows platforms either!)

  • Sara Newberry

    Um. How about someone who has a Mac? Help! 

  • Mr Martin Hirtenfelder

    Even though this article is exceedingly dated, can someone please correct the numerous errors in it?

    'M' is an SI prefix that means 'mega', which in turn translates into 'million'. Thus, megapixel means 'a million pixels'.

    If we are to accept the above numbers, e.g. 5,000 and 4,800, then they should be referred to as kilopixels. 'k' is an SI prefix that means 'kilo', which translates into 'thousand'. Thus, all those numbers mentioned above are in kilopixels

    A resolution of 5 megapixels would look something like this: 2,560 x 1,920 = 4,915,200 (approximately 5 million pixels).

    I thank you.


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