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How Do I Change My Industry\Classification?



  • Ms. Kristi Mishell

    I am currently in the category of employment services and would like to change to author. Is that available in BNI? I've written 4 non fiction books (McGraw Hill is my publisher).

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Kristi - 

    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!

    Changing member categories or requesting additions if one is not available is a process that is handled directly by your regional office. Please speak with your chapter Director Consultant, Regional Admin, or Executive Director for assistance with this immediate issue.

    If you wish to follow up with them directly, you can find their contact information here:

    Please do let me know if I can be of any further assistance for any technical issues related to BNI Connect, happy to help in any way I can!

  • Mr. Ed Hart

    Is there listing of all of the available industries and the classifications within the industries?  Must be an official list somewhere.


  • Jeremy Walsh


    Can you please send me a message at (or submit a ticket) and I will send you this list via email.


  • Ms. June Crane

    Where can I find a list of the various categories?


    June Crane

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Your Executive Director or Regional Office should be able to forward you the list of categories available in BNI Connect.  You can find your regional contact information here:

    Hope this helps!


    one of our  members is in turnkey project and is been added in industrial ac automation and he wants to be added as turnkey projects which is not available in ur connect business forum and our executive directors are also not able to help us out can u suggest me something.

    Bheru Jain'

    MC Dynamic Coimbatore chaptor

  • Mr Karan Uthra

    I wish to change my classification, we need to fill a new membership form but do we need to pay fees again to change classification?


  • Jeremy Walsh


    Generally speaking, you don't have to pay fees again.  The new application is just to make sure the paperwork is consistent with what you are representing in the chapter.

  • Mr Dhananjaya Raju

    Dear Jeremy,

    You have clearly mentioned here that a new application for the paperwork will suffice the need for changing classification and no need to pay the fees again. But when I requested for a change in my classification, My RD asked me to pay fees again without which he can't process my request. Can you please suggest me what should I do now?

  • Mr Abdul Rasheed

    Dear sir/ madam,


    Change my business heading as WINDOW MANUFACTURER  

  • Giuseppe Ciccone

    Have the steps for changing your classification changed since the last posting 2 years ago?

  • Mrs Helene Marchant

    I would like to change the classification that i am listed as.  Can someone please send me the list of the classifications so i can choose the correct one.

  • 先生 Ivan Ip


  • Mr. John Lynd

    I asked this question today of Jeremy Walsh during the weekly "BNI Connect: Deep Dive for Members and Leaders" - BTW, This is a fantastic LIVE opportunity via ZOOM to engage & learn more about BNI especially for new members like me :) !!  My question; How could I correct/change my existing "classification"? Jeremy advised "you can't". Further recommending that I contact my regional office for help, which i will ;). In the interim, can someone please email me a list of the current classifications for review ? Thanks!

  • Ms. Pavitra Desai


    Individually my business is reflected under Lifestyle /Home & Decor under my profile update. But, if I search my name /business it reflects under architects!

    Can we have a new industry chalked out called " Professional Orgniasers"? This is new and the industry is growing by 6% every year.  




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