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Online Renewals: Renewing Your Membership Online (For Members)



  • Ms. Donna Smith

    When a member submits their Renewal Application on line, does the Membership Committee or the Leadership team receive notification???

  • Lorraine Ryba

    Donna, I can answer that question. Both the Membership Committee members and the VP get an email notification.

  • Mr. David Waldman

    As well as the Secretary/Treasurer.

  • Mrs. Denise Boline

    Is this option still available?  I have searched through my own BNI Connect, as well as my regional site and can't seem to find any of the links or resourced indicated n the training.  :(  - Denise Boline / NY Kings / Outer Boroughs / Brownstone Business Connections

  • Lorraine Ryba

    The option only shows up within a certain time-frame before the member's renewal date.

  • Mrs. Susan Bodlak

    Our Secretary has told us that we can make PayPal payments to cover the renewal fee, but I can't find that option online.  Help?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @susan - apologies for the delay!

    If your region offers alternate payment options, such as PAYPAL, you can usually find them by clicking the REGIONAL WEBSITE button in the upper right corner of your screen.  Once on your regional site, they will usually have a link to a special payment page.

    Hope this helps!


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