BNI Connect Mobile: Getting Started - Quick Overview




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    Mr Ramesh Chander

    Looking forward to this

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    eagerly waiting :)


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    Mr Francois Souyri

    greatly wanted !  :-)

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    Serena LoPiccolo-Smith

    Can't wait!!

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    Mr. Lloyd Fremed

    Lloyd Fremed

    Looking forward to the mobile app...

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    Mr Nagaraj Kuchangi

    Eagerly Looking Forward for the BNI mobile App

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    Mr Nehal Gajjar

    really much needed !!!! waiting 

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    De heer Tim Mars


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    Timothy M. Houston

    Will the app also allow Leadership Team and Support Team members (such as Visitor Hosts, Membership Committee members) to enter data and run reports?

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    Mrs. Lynn Hill

    Very good. Can't wait until I can get started!

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    Mr Hasmukh Jain

    too good , handy & single glance detail.

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    John Kwon

    Hello. In my Android version of this app, the Invite function doesn't work. First, there's no option to select a date. Regardless, I filled all fields and tapped "Submit," but nothing happened. Checked online via browser afterwards, and the visitor wasn't registered.

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    Pan Łukasz Grzenkowicz


    How developer plans for run app in next countries?

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    Mr. Brian P. Lee

    Very easy to send contacts( make sure you update profile) tyfcb, 1-1 slips all easy. Brian Lee BPL Landscape
    We dig your dirt!

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    Mr J K Arora

    very handy helpful latest no need laptop computer now

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    Mrs. Suzanne Erkel

    Can you print slips from the App.? How come I can only see a month of individual slips I gave on the app. I would like to see 3 no the, to double check that I am not duplicating.

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    Herr Andreas Kolli

    Great Tool, when it is possible to get it in germany?


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    De heer Glenn Cornelis

    Today in Belgium available. Looks great, works even better!!!

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    Hr. Jesper William Ibsen

    When will it be available for Denmark?

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    Sr. Luis Arufe

    Installed And operative 100% in Spain

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    Herr Gerd Ribbeck

    How can i get in contact with other Chaptermembers in other towns ?

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    Mr. Drew Horine

    I’ve installed this on Android, but can’t find it in the App Store for iOS. Can you please add direct links from the article? Thx.

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    Jeremy Walsh

    @drew - just go to and you will see the links below the sign in page. 

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    Dr Ravindra .P

    Installed and working great in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Thank you.

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    Sra. Cristina Olivares

    Muy útil para llevar el registro diario de mi actividad. Yo solo pediría poder imprimir desde la app mi reporte semanal para que fuera perfecto! Gracias

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