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    Mr. Frank Pepp

    Jeremy Walsh I cannot load BNI Connect Mobile app on my iPad Mini 4 I do not see the app available

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    Mrs. Leeann Cawley

    I need to renew my membership. Can I do it through the App

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    Mr Prem Sharma

    How can I upload my photos in BNI app ?

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    Mr Ramanujam M

    Can i register for trainings using this app? If yes, how?

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    Ms. Terry Billen

    Where can I find my attendance record?

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    Mrs Purvi Shah

    How do I upload a testimonial for another member from the app??

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    Mr. Stephen Endrizzi

    It is extremely hard to find anther chapter by state, miles from zip code.

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    Mr. Keith Brown

    Printing slips

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    Stuart Sweetow

    How to input TYCB from past member from another chapter?

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    Ms Phyllis Sadler

    my app WILL NOT let me sign in, despite repeated attempts, AND by deleting the app and then re-loading it onto my iphone. I can log in on the website, ONLY by always selecting the forgot password prompt, NOT by putting in my established user name and password. EVERY SINGLE time I want to log in, on the computer of course because this does not work on my app, I have to select forgot password after I try to log in.

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    Mark Altenberg

    This article says: “For example - find out who your best referral source and TYFCB generator is and who you haven't had a 1 to 1 with in a while.” but I don’t see any way to actually do these things. Of course I can browse through the records and painstakingly figure this out, but this is the exactly the kind of thing that should be automated!

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    Chelsea Hall

    I have entered a number of slips on the app but they haven’t actually been recorded. They only show under the given slips tab. Does it take a few days to load them?

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