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NEW! BNI Connect Mobile! App Basics and More



  • Mr. Frank Pepp

    Jeremy Walsh I cannot load BNI Connect Mobile app on my iPad Mini 4 I do not see the app available

  • Mrs. Leeann Cawley

    I need to renew my membership. Can I do it through the App

  • Mr Prem Sharma

    How can I upload my photos in BNI app ?

  • Mr Ramanujam M

    Can i register for trainings using this app? If yes, how?

  • Ms. Terry Phillips Billen

    Where can I find my attendance record?

  • Mrs Purvi Shah

    How do I upload a testimonial for another member from the app??

  • Mr. Stephen Endrizzi

    It is extremely hard to find anther chapter by state, miles from zip code.

  • Mr. Keith Brown

    Printing slips

  • Stuart Sweetow

    How to input TYCB from past member from another chapter?

  • Ms Phyllis Sadler

    my app WILL NOT let me sign in, despite repeated attempts, AND by deleting the app and then re-loading it onto my iphone. I can log in on the website, ONLY by always selecting the forgot password prompt, NOT by putting in my established user name and password. EVERY SINGLE time I want to log in, on the computer of course because this does not work on my app, I have to select forgot password after I try to log in.

  • Mark Altenberg

    This article says: “For example - find out who your best referral source and TYFCB generator is and who you haven't had a 1 to 1 with in a while.” but I don’t see any way to actually do these things. Of course I can browse through the records and painstakingly figure this out, but this is the exactly the kind of thing that should be automated!

  • Chelsea Hall

    I have entered a number of slips on the app but they haven’t actually been recorded. They only show under the given slips tab. Does it take a few days to load them?

  • Mr. Frank Swygert

    I used the app (on an android phone) for a few weeks, but now it will not let me log in. Whenever I attempt to log in for the last two weeks I get the  "app.login.signingin" notice and that's it. Hangs there -- never logs in. I use the same login ID and password as when I go to the website on my computer. I've deleted the app and reinstalled -- didn't help. Has an "update" broken it?

  • Mr. Larry Combs

    Having the same issue - any recommendations to correct?


  • Sra. Erna Tercero Rodriguez

    What I did was change my password and set the same old password, I have an iPhone, hope it is helpful.

  • Mr. Frank Swygert

    I recently installed the latest update -- thanks for fixing the log-in issues guys! Hope everyone else has had the same results. If you deleted the app try installing again, or uninstalling and resintalling. If you have an option to update just do that.

  • Eva Biira Maswere


    Please help me regain my Admin Rights for BNI Kampala-Uganda I mistakenly signed in using the mobile app to help members while illustrating but I ended up being attached to Antactica and I can nolonger operate as an admin for my region.



    Eva Biira Maswere,

    BNI Admin Kampala-Uganda,


  • Mme Catherine BOBIN-DE TULLIO

    Peut on modifier une recommandation déjà saisie ? (Externe -interne) ?

  • Mrs. Judee Quiazon

    The Visitor Registration in Mobile app is equivalent to Register a "Prospective" Visitor in BNI Connect Web?

  • Ms. Beverly Stewart

    I can not log in on my laptop. Only on my android. I've changed my password on my laptop. But, it says I've successfully changed it. I go back to log in screen in laptop, and I get an werir every time.

  • Mr Derek Watson

    When adding an external referral, the continue button is hidden off screen so it’s impossible to click. Details have to be manually added.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @derek - we are aware of that bug with certain phones where the contact has many fields of data on the contact card. We hope to resolve it in an upcoming release - thank you!

  • Mrs. Mridula Sangal

    I want to check upcoming Tranings in region & global which I can attend online on mobile app is that possible ?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @mridula there isn't a global directory for local training opportunities. However, there are a number of events open up to all members globally.  Your executive and national directors will have the access links.

  • Mr Steven Young

    Since a recent update I’ve seem to of lost £30000 thank you for the business? Why has that happened?

  • Mr James Turley

    How do I apply for training programmes

  • Mr. Praveen Kumar

    Ub. J

  • Sr. Julio César Mendoza

    Buen día, requiero cambiar mi razón social del negocio como puedo hacerlo? Me apoyan!

  • Mr Terry Joseph

    How can I record testimony for my Colleugue

  • Mrs. Tanya Joubert

    Good day. Please assist with the bni connect app for South Africa. I have a new Huawei phone and the connect app is not available on the app gallery. Thank you


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