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  • Dr. Ralph Carrozza


    I would like to mention BNI on my website. Any suggestions?

    Dr. Ralph Carrozza

    Main Line 1 Chapter


  • Jeremy Walsh

    @DrRalph - for specific guidelines regarding branding, please speak with your Executive Director and\or send an email to

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Jeremy Dannheisser

    Hi Jeremy,


    Was looking for the RGB breakdown but can't find it. So I opened the eps in Corel draw and it comes in as a cmyk but the values are different to the cmyk values in the standards. Which do we use?

  • Cathy Graham

    @Jeremy Dannheisser the very first link on this page "BNI Btanding Standards" will take you to the PDF branding standards guide with has the color codes for all the BNI sanctioned colors - RGB, CMYK and PMS.  It also contains details on usage.

  • Heather Leekins

    Is there a particular reason why I'm unable to download the BNI Graphic Elements?



    thank you


  • Mr Prem Sharma

    How can I branding my products on BNI app ?

  • Mr. Mike Shaffer

    Jeremy, I am working on a new retractable banner for our chapter but cannot seem to find the photography bank to get the approved stock photo images.  Can you let me know where this is stored on

  • Mr. Ali Nabil Abdul Karim

    Hi Jeremy

    I cannot open and download the Changing The World Business EPS and JPEG form the link given. Because i already have the softcopy from our ED, but the image is note embed to the PDF so the image is missing


  • Mr Greg Travnicek

    Heya Jeremy,

    The "Proud Member" files are still the ones from 2013 with previous BNI colouring. We did up a new file and sent it to awhile ago. Will these files be changed soon? Just asking as we have seen a Facebook frame being use with the old colouring etc... and wanted to ensure we're all following guidelines.  :)

    Thanks a bunch in advance - let me know if you'd like the files and I can email them to you.

  • Melinda Toth

    Dear Jeremy!


    Could you help me with the color code of the new BNI logo?


    Thank you in advance.

  • Signor Thomas Höller


    where have the business card template gone?


  • Sr. Sandro de Jesus

    Hi, Jeremy.

    Is there a backdrop template to be used in official events as chapter launching?


  • Mr. Kenny Voon

    Hi Jeremy. I cant access the files. It says Error 500

  • Mr. Charles Phua

    Hi Jeremy, same here for me. Most of the links I click on says Error 500

  • Herr Christian Humer

    I have the same Problem, error 500

  • Srta. Karina Megna

    Hi, can I help? I have BNI branding elements Folder on my computer, I can send it via email meanwhile the problem is solved.


  • Herr Christian Humer

    Hi Megna,

    thanks for your answer.

    You are welcome to send me the branding elements on my e-mail address


    With best regards from Austria



  • Sr. Ramiro Rodríguez

    Dear Karina:
    I would appreciate if you could send me the BNI branding elements Folder to my email address
    Greetings from México

  • Mr Gunjan Agarwal

    Dear Karina

    Request you to please share the BNI branding elements Folder to my email address:
    It will be a great help from you. Will look forward to hear from you soon.

    Gunjan Agarwal
    From Mumbai - India

  • Mr Greg Travnicek

    Heya BNI Team.  :) In order to ensure we are using the most current versions of all BNI branding materials, we should always refer to the BNI Branding guide that was last issued in May 2017. It is available through  If using a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator, the branding guide pdf can be opened and the correct logos and elements can be extracted from the guide as they are all vector graphics.  Go to "Content" and search for "Branding" 

    If you do not have access to BNI University, please contact your Executive or National Director who can provide these files to you.

    For additional information or assistance, please use the  Submit a Request link in the upper right corner above for support. You may also contact or for specific help in those areas.

  • Srta. Karina Megna

    Great news!!!! Thank you Mr Greg Travnicek!


  • מר איציק וילק

    I need the Branding rules and BNI Israel is not yet in BNI university, what can i do ?

  • Srta. Lílian Juzumas de Lima


    I think I can help you. Download it here:

    Hope you're in BNIU soon. There's a lot of useful material there!

    See you!

  • מר איציק וילק

    Srta. Lílian Juzumas de Lima you are so helpful !!!

    Thank you !!!

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