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Director Profiles

Jeremy Walsh
posted this on December 18, 2013, 11:18 AM

All regional level positions - such as Directors and Admins - have the opportunity to set up a unique profile within BNI Connect that is displayed via a link on the Contact page of the regional website.  The information on this page has the flexibility to either be business focused, as in the case of a Director Consultant that is not currently a member of a chapter, or BNI focused, as in the case of a full time BNI Professional or a Director who wishes to maintain a BNI profile in addition to their member profile.

Step 1 - Log In To BNI Connect and go to My Profile

Step 2 - Click on the Director Profile Tab

Step 3 - Complete Your Director Profile Information

The director profile has the flexibility to allow you to have a distinct profile from your membership profile <or> to provide visibility for your personal business in the case of a director that is not currently a member of a chapter.

Step 4 - Check You Results!  Go to the Contact Page of your Regional Site!

Success - Your Director Profile Page!

Happy Connecting!

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